On which hand should I wear my wedding and engagement rings?

People often ask us how they should wear their engagement ring after they’ve gotten married.  Here are some options:

1.  Wear your wedding band and engagement ring together on the left hand.  This is very common in the U.S., and is probably based on the fact that the heart is on the left side of the body.  The wedding band is typically worn inside the engagement ring (closer to the heart).  Wearing the rings on the left hand is particularly advantageous for right-handed folks, because the left hand generally stays more protected.

2.  Wear your wedding band and engagement ring together on the right hand.  This is popular with guitarists, violinists and other musicians, and those who need maximum dexterity in their left hands.  It can also be a good choice for left-handed people whose right hands will be less active than their left hands.

3.  Wear one ring on each hand.  (This is what I do.)  Depending on the style of the engagement ring and wedding band, they may look better each standing alone.  Wearing one ring on each hand helps protect from wear caused by rings rubbing against each other, and it reduces the bulk on any particular finger.  Because I’m right-handed, I wear the more delicate ring on my left hand, because it doesn’t get as much wear there.

But of course, you can do WHATEVER you want!  Plenty of people choose not to wear their engagement rings after they’re married, or only for special occasions.

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