Throwback Thursday: A 1920s wedding party!

vintage wedding party photo

Of course our love of vintage extends beyond vintage engagement rings.  How about this awesome vintage wedding picture that I found at a shop in Oakland, California?  What do you think the story is behind this photo?  I suspect the bridesmaid on the left is the sister of the groom.  The older man must be the bride’s father.  Where is the bride’s mother?  And what is the maid second from the right thinking about?

On which hand should I wear my wedding and engagement rings?

People often ask us how they should wear their engagement ring after they’ve gotten married.  Here are some options:

1.  Wear your wedding band and engagement ring together on the left hand.  This is very common in the U.S., and is probably based on the fact that the heart is on the left side of the body.  The wedding band is typically worn inside the engagement ring (closer to the heart).  Wearing the rings on the left hand is particularly advantageous for right-handed folks, because the left hand generally stays more protected.

2.  Wear your wedding band and engagement ring together on the right hand.  This is popular with guitarists, violinists and other musicians, and those who need maximum dexterity in their left hands.  It can also be a good choice for left-handed people whose right hands will be less active than their left hands.

3.  Wear one ring on each hand.  (This is what I do.)  Depending on the style of the engagement ring and wedding band, they may look better each standing alone.  Wearing one ring on each hand helps protect from wear caused by rings rubbing against each other, and it reduces the bulk on any particular finger.  Because I’m right-handed, I wear the more delicate ring on my left hand, because it doesn’t get as much wear there.

But of course, you can do WHATEVER you want!  Plenty of people choose not to wear their engagement rings after they’re married, or only for special occasions.

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What’s your plan for the weekend?

What are you doing this weekend?

Last weekend, our dear mascot Turtle took a break from his hard work in the jewelry studio.  Here are some pictures of his trip to Damariscotta Lake for some time in the Maine wilderness.

Here's Turtle in a Canoe in Maine

Turtle took his first canoe ride!  (He was excited, so it was a tad harrowing for his human companions.)

Turtle in the Maine Woods

He loved playing in the woods!

  Turtle (of in the Maine Woods Here's Turtle, our Labradoodle mascot, in the waterHe had lots of fun playing in the water, fetching sticks and generally romping around.

Turtle (of fetching a stick Here's Turtle, our Labradoodle mascot, in a canoe Here he is, on his second canoe ride, a little calmer this time. (I still spent more time hanging on to the edges of the canoe than paddling, though.)

Turtle the Labradoodle on an old wooden bridge On the way home, we walked over an old bridge that spans the Androscoggin River in Brunswick.

This weekend, we’ll probably take Turtle to the ocean for a romp.  How ’bout you?



Pin & Win The Perfect Mother’s Day Necklace

Pin & Win The Perfect Mother's Day NecklaceOur Mom & Baby Elephant necklaces and Mom & Baby Duck necklaces are perfect gifts for Mother’s Day!  You could order yours now to avoid the uncertainty, or you could take your chances at winning one in our Pin & Win contest!

To enter:

1.  Follow TurtleLoveCo on Pinterest

2. Create a Pinterest board and name it “ Mother’s Day Necklace Giveaway”


  • Repin the contest image
  • Pin the mother necklace you’d like to win
  • Pin at least ten images of mother animals with their babies
  • Use the hashtags #MothersDayNecklaceGiveaway and #TurtleLoveCo in the description for each pin.

4.  Leave a comment on our contest pin with the URL to your board entry.

We’ll decide which board is the best, and choose a winner!  If you win, you’ll receive the mother necklace of your choice, just in time for Mother’s Day!

Boards must be completed by noon on May 5, 2013.

For full contest rules, visit


Meet Turtle!

Turtle at TLC headquarters

We’re excited and proud to introduce you all to our new mascot! His name is Turtle (what else?) and he’s our Head Honcho Adrianne’s 9 month old Australian Labradoodle puppy. His coat is allergy-friendly so he can hang out with us in the office everyday and reduce any stress we may have by always be up for cuddles. Be on the lookout for Turtle on our website and in more photos in the next few months, but for now he just enjoys keeping us company during meetings and observing how we do things so he can be an awesome mascot when the time comes.


Becki and Jeremiah’s Engagement Story

Becki & Jeremiah's New York Engagement

I have been looking at wedding stuff with my friend Becki for years now, so when we randomly ended up ogling vintage rings at on her iPhone at a festival one afternoon, I didn’t think much of it. This is just what girls do. But after posting a few comments about it on Instagram, I got a message from my dear friend’s boyfriend asking about the website and what kind of ring she wanted. Needless to say, I was surprised, happy, and oh-so-shocked that he confided in me about this secret! Excitedly, I led him to the website, and he started to tell me his plans and get my opinions on the perfect engagement scenario.

Becki & Jeremiah's New York Engagement

My friend Becki has always discussed wanting a friend there for the moment. As a photographer herself, it would only make sense that she would want to have photos as well. But, Jeremiah also wanted to play off their love for travel and music and get down on one knee in the center of Central Park before a concert. A weekend away was a great setting, but with New York being a good 11 hour drive from their home in Ohio, there wasn’t much of a chance of many friends who would be able to take the trip. Except me, as I had moved to only a few hours outside of NYC. I planned to travel to the city to take photos of them on the Bow Bridge as they got engaged, being so secretive as to not even tell my husband. I actually told Aubin at before anyone else!

Becki & Jeremiah's New York Engagement

Indeed, it turned out to be a perfect moment. Becki has been my friend for a long time and is one of my closest and dearest friends, and I couldn’t have been happier to see the smile on her face that day. Jeremiah even sneaked in a fancy brunch before the big moment to ensure they looked snazzy for the shots. My heart was aflutter waiting for them and trust me, with as many people filtering through Central Park that day, I thought for sure I was going to miss them. The pictures turned out perfectly though and the engagement went smoothly. She loved her ring, a vintage piece from that couldn’t have been more perfect for her.

{This is a guest post from Style Council member Katherine from Of Corgis and Cocktails}

TLC weekly photo roundup for March 1, 2013!

We’ve been in a literary mood this week! What’s your favorite book?

What’s TLC listening to?

Alica’s been listening to Portishead, while Emily has been rocking out to Prince. Aubin has spent her week in the musical company of Amanda Palmer and Amy has been enjoying tunes from the Belgian group Arsenal.

In the news…

New York artist Elizabeth Suda launched a jewelry line called peaceBOMB that features jewelry created from Vietnam war-era bomb debris. Just one bracelet from the collection clears 3 meters of land in the Laos. You can read an interview with Suda about the inspiration behind the jewelry here.

TLC Weekly Picture Roundup for February 22, 2013!

We’ve been extending the feeling of valentine’s Day love and enjoying pictures full of sweet  sentiments.

In the news…

After a decade of increasing prices, gold is beginning to decrease in cost. Although the decrease is slow, it could mean good things in the future for those of you who love the look of this lovely yellow metal. Which kind of gold do you like best: yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold?

What’s TLC listening to?

Emily has been listening to her Anugama station on Pandora, while Amy has been enjoying The Flaming Lips. Alicia’s music of choice this week is Florence and the Machine, and Aubin has been alternating between Kate Bush and Elton John.


TLC Weekly Picture Roundup!

This week we’ve been enjoying images of candy hearts, a message in bottle and pretty vintage rings with typewriters and rotary phones (and a happy cat thrown into the mix for good measure!).

In the news

A recent survey by retailer David’s Bridal revealed that the majority of those surveyed preferred a proposal that was low key instead of one that was more over-the-top. The survey broke it down even further and found that 57% would dislike being proposed to with the use of a flash mob and, unsurprisingly, 63% wouldn’t want their proposal to be done via Facebook. What’s your proposal story?

What’s TLC listening to?

Emily is listening to California based musician Clutchy Hopkins, while Aubin and Adrianne have spent their musical week in the 1980s by listening to Genesis and INXS respectively. Alicia has taken a different listening path and has been enjoying tunes by Fiona Apple, while Amy has been listening to The National. What’s on your playlist lately?