Elvis Presley’s rings being auctioned today in Memphis, TN

At Turtle Love Co. we appreciate jewelry with a different kind of design and there are few men in recent memory who had a collection of jewelry as different as the rings owned by Elvis Presley.  Today in Memphis there is an auction taking place less than ten miles away from Elvis Presley’s famous Graceland Mansion that features many rare and interesting items from the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, including some unique pieces of his jewelry.

Elvis Presley's ring featuring a gold coin and diamonds

One of the pieces of Elvis’s jewelry up for auction, a pinky ring built around an antique gold coin surrounded by diamonds in a 14K gold setting (picture from Heritage Auctions)

At the auction, which is being billed as the “2012 Ultimate Elvis Auction II,” is this 14K gold pinky ring featuring a circle of tiny diamonds and an antique gold coin worn by Elvis in the documentary Elvis: That’s the Way it Is. The ring has a starting bid price of $17,500 but is expected to go for as much as $42,000.

The most interesting thing about the rings for sale is the particular stones and unique designs that Elvis favored. According to Elvis’s friend Charlie Hodge, who is selling one of the rings given to him by The King, Presley was fond of turquoise jewelry and at one point had between 10 and 12 rings featuring the stone.

Elvis Presley's gold, diamond, and black sapphire ring

Elvis Presley’s gold, diamond, and black sapphire ring (picture from Heritage Auctions)

The rings also show some insight into Presley’s personality. One of the rings, a large, intricate 14K gold piece that looks similar to a  tree top with small diamonds and black star sapphires as apples scattered through the gold branches, was gifted by Elvis to his friend Alan Fortas who explained that ”Elvis believed the wearing of sapphire jewelry was supposed to signify generosity, good manners, wisdom, and noble thoughts.”

Priscilla Presley's engagement ring

Priscilla Presley showing off her diamond ring in 1967




Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding rings:

Elvis’s second wedding band from his 1967 marriage to his wife Priscilla (the first ring having been lost shortly after the wedding) was auctioned in 2006 for $90,000. The wedding band, chosen by Priscilla, is a platinum setting with baguette cut and round cut diamonds. The ring Elvis chose for Priscilla is equally impressive and has a three carat diamond at its center with a surround of 20 smaller diamonds.

One thought on “Elvis Presley’s rings being auctioned today in Memphis, TN

  1. I think that Elvis was over the top with his jewelry,it seems like he would wear a piece for awhile and then give it to a friend or fan.Elvis it seems really didn’t have a specific style,I think that’s why he was so generous, so that he would have reason to buy another unique piece of jewelry.What a man he was we love and miss you (r.i.p)

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