You don’t need an engagement ring. Plus, 7 engagement ring options for zero dollars.

Here at Turtle Love Co., we sell engagement and wedding rings, but we know they’re not essential items.  We know that you don’t NEED an engagement ring to prove that you’re planning to get married.  And we know that you don’t NEED a wedding ring to demonstrate that you’re married.

We also get that almost all of us LIKE to share and to cherish these gifts that represent our most important relationships.  So we offer a wide variety of rings, at a variety of price points, and in a variety of aesthetic styles, so that you can find the piece that matches your life, your “look,” and your budget.

But say you have exactly zero dollars to allot to engagement ring?  Here are some options.

1.  Go without an engagement ring.  That’s what I did.  I’d been engaged once before, and an engagement just didn’t make sense in the context of our relationship.  Of course, when I told my friends that my husband and I were getting married, even my most progressive feminist friends would look to my left hand.  But that didn’t change the fact that I was getting married.

2.  Go for a silly engagement ring.  Say, a stretchy sequined number.  This could cost you slightly more than zero dollars, but not more than 0.5 dollars.  The vending machines at the grocery store could be a good source.  This is a good option for people with a sense of humor.

3.  Get a piece of string.  You know, the “reminder.”  Before we were married, my husband and I had some sort of disagreement (the subject of which is now long forgotten, and was probably not that important in the first place – actually, now that I think of it, I probably hurt his feelings by being short and distant and self-involved.  But back to my point…).  As I apologized, I took a little piece of yarn and tied it around his finger to remind him that I loved him.  He wore it for weeks.  I’m pretty sure it’s still around somewhere.

4.  Use a Sharpie.  OK, this might not be really GOOD for you, but it’s probably not any worse than your morning coffee.  You know those wedding ring tattoos that some people rock?  Make your own.  Bonus: this is like a thousand rings in one, because you can draw a different one every time!

5.  Use a ring that you’ve already got.  It is TOTALLY not required that you buy NEW stuff because you’re getting married.  If you or your partner already have a ring that you like, stick it on your left ring finger and you’ve got an engagement ring.

6.  Use a ring that someone else has.  Most people don’t have this luxury, but it’s not as crazy as it sounds.  Does your mom have a ring in her dresser that’s lovely and not getting enough attention?  Give it a buffing, and it’s an engagement ring!  It doesn’t need to have an illustrious place in your family history.

7.  Get an engagement garbage can.  Or puppy.  Or whatever.  We asked our Facebook fans to tell us about how they decided to get married, one super-practical gal told us about how she wasn’t into spending money on unnecessary things, and her love bought her a really nice garbage can.  So go ahead, make an item for which you DID have more than a zero-dollar budget your multipurpose engagement celebration gift.



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